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My fiction is composed of fear, heartache and isolation. Feelings derived from experience and from the tales of friends, loved ones and strangers--from imaginings inspired by mystical and magical studies--events from the news and history. We all have a dark side and we're all afraid of something. I explore that darkness and fear with words. I welcome readers to travel into the dark with me. Come on a road trip from Providence to Florida with a madman. Travel to new York City in the midst of a crippling blizzard where a dark magician has risen from Hell. Live inside a darkened house with frightened young girls who have been touched by a demon. Experience murderous love triangles and walk beside serial killers. Some will not understand. Others will not return and some will come back to walk with me into the abyss. I invite you to take a journey with me and I hope you join me again...

"Is anyone in the genre still writing for adults? In these dark days of vampire romances and zombie extravaganzas, few authors follow in the disciplined footsteps of masters like Shirley Jackson or Henry James, of Algernon Blackwood or Oliver Onions. Few “writers” even recognize the names. A delightful exception is Sandy DeLuca. Her works are steeped in a darkness in which poetry echoes. (So do screams.) DeLuca offers chills and pleasures that are no mere matter of gore or genre tropes but that satisfy in the way that all real literature satisfies, in the way all true art satisfies, by challenging and touching us … by changing us."
—Robert Dunbar, author of THE SHORE


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