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In 1968 young girls who were pregnant and unmarried were sometimes sent to cold and haunted places. Meg Fiano was one of them. Doomed to reside in a home with bolted windows and doors. Where some of the residents were not of this world.

Years before her father dabbled with magic. He tried to conjure beings of light. Sweet angels whose names he chanted in a musty attic. Darkness answered his prayers instead. He made a terrifying deal with something that thirsted for the blood of the young and innocent.

Meg remembered an ancient statue, a relic her father gave vile offerings. The first pain of childbirth tore through her body, and something from Hell came to claim its part of a bargain made long ago...


Darkness Conjured Cover

"The horror in this story was a slow build ultimately yielding a satisfying ending. What I particularly liked was the main character trying to fight a certain inevitability pushing her in one direction... ultimately asking the question can we fight our fate?"
Benjamin Uminsky at Goodreads

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