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In the ’70s Julia accompanied a mad man on an unforgettable road trip from Providence to Miami. She encountered demons, decadence and death. She was helpless and subservient as pain and blood became a fact of her life. She finally escaped from that hell on earth. However, the demons and the dead followed her throughout her life. For twenty-one years they came to her in dreams. They manifested onto her painter’s canvas and they called to her from the darkness.

When another murder occurs, true madness begins to unfold. Guilt, longing and terror erupt. A secret caller lures Julia to her descent, haunting and tempting her until she realizes that she must confront her past and perhaps the Devil himself.

There’s only been a few times in my life when I had to put a book down because it affected me so much that I had to take a moment and catch my breath. Gary Braunbeck’s novel Prodigal Blues, Greg Gifune’s novel Garden of Night, and J.F. Gonzalez’s novel Survivor all had stunned me at some point with scenes so brutal that I was so overcome with emotion that I had to stop reading. There is one scene in Descent that shocked me so much that I’ve added Sandy DeLuca’s novel to this list.
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"Sandy DeLuca’s Descent is an intelligent, wonderfully written, highly original tale that lures the reader deep into a labyrinth of nightmare landscapes and horrors that haunt the body, mind, and ultimately the soul.”

—Greg F. Gifune, author of Heretics, The Bleeding Season, and Deep Night

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