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Welcome to the Mad Hattery. Here you will find a collection of mysterious women, each as unique as the hat she wears. Some of these women are dark and dangerous; others will make your fondest dreams come true. Each of these ladies has a story to tell and you can bet she'll do it in style, peeking out from beneath her favorite hat. Featuring poetry by Marge Simon and artwork by Sandy DeLuca, The Mad Hattery showcases the latest collaborative work of these two talented artists.



The Mad Hattery Cover

So, what do "blondes" keep under their hats? As it happens, a book called The Mad Hattery. The poetry and artwork of Simon and DeLuca are entertaining and wonderfully matched. From the lunacy of the Mad Hatter himself, to the marmalade sandwiches of Paddington Bear, all angles and corners, both light and dark, are observed, painted, written, and rubber stamped with the kind of fun that only "blondes" can have. Ed Cox

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