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Messages From the Dead


Donna had never been like other girls.

She was raised by her enigmatic grandmother, who held séances in her parlor, mystifying strangers who came to their home on smoky summer nights seeking messages from deceased loved ones.

Year later, she's settled into a normal life with her husband Joe, and attending art school at Castell Community College in the evenings with her best friend Andrea. But Castell is much more than a school.

Once home to a children's hospital, the ghosts of the restless dead still roam the darkened hallways, and now they want something from Donna…and they'll stop at nothing to get it…


Messages From The Dead Cover

"Sandy continues to impress with each book that she writes and “Messages From the Dead” might just be her best and most haunting tale yet. You will lock the windows and doors, and probably keep a night light on after experiencing “Messages From The Dead”. It is a must read for anyone who appreciates dark literature at its finest and like me enjoys being scared. I give it my highest recommendation."

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