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"With Settling in Nazareth, Sandy DeLuca has written a novel that is every bit as dark and unsettling as a David Lynch film. Emplying the language of modern mystery and blending it with the beauty and intimacy of a poet, DeLuca has conjured a world where the dead guide loved ones, dreams are spiritual road signs, and the living try to make sense of it all through the use of ancient magicks. A unique and captivating page-turner." -- Kurt Newton, author of The House Spider, Dark Demons, and The Psycho Hunter's Case Book

"Haunting and wildly original, Sandy DeLuca's Settling in Nazareth is a welcome change of pace from the usual cookie cutter versions of dark fiction out there, and a novel you will not soon forget. It is Jim Thompson's The Grifters meets James Leo Herlihy's Season of the Witch, and the result is a unique and seamless marriage of crime grit, tough female cool, and a more lyrical view of the darker regions of the human experience . . . Not to be missed." -- Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season and Heretics

Settliing In Nazareth Cover


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