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Midnight Town Media

Midnight Town Media is a project I developed to promote the visual and written work of myself and other artists. I also offer my services as a cover artist, using both digital and hand-rendered art. A majority of the covers and interior art within these books serve as examples of the range of visual art that I am capable of producing.

In addition I will be promoting other painters and illustrators in future projects.

Questions about pricing and process regarding my artistic services can be answered by writing to

I am in the process of applying for artist grants in order to expand Midnight Town Media. In my opinion, visual art is an important element within the horror genre and beyond, and I am making a humble effort to highlight the efforts of talented artists.

Please support Midnight Town Media's efforts by purchasing books at, Barnes and Noble and other independent sellers. The majority of funds earned from book sales will be used toward future projects, and to help painters and illustrators gain more exposure.



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