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In 2007, I began to acquire research books about the legend of the werewolf. I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer at the time. With tubes pumping lifesaving fluids into my body, I began to weave my story. Eventually, I put the project aside and wrote another book, called “From Ashes”, which was directly inspired by my ordeal with cancer. However, the call of the werewolf remained with me.

There was no doubt that I wanted to write a werewolf tale, but I realized works about that terrifying creature had been done before–perhaps a bit overdone. So, my goal was to create something different.

As with much of my fiction, I used my background for a bit of inspiration. I’m technically a third generation Italian immigrant. My mother was still alive when I returned to this project, and I could count on her for the translations that I needed–and for legends from the Old Country.

I learned that Lupo Mannaro is Italian for werewolf, and Mom gave me background about how Europeans traveled over the ocean to this country–just as my fictional werewolf family did.

With my mother’s influence, I penned a tale about a circle of women–cursed, strong and endowed with power. My Lupo Mannaro died too young for many generations, losing the ability to shapeshift into the wolf after childbearing years began to dwindle. But determination, faith and pure feminine energy play a role in fighting evil, and possibly overcoming darkened fate.

Cancer took my mother in 2008, before she could hold the finished project in her hands, and tell me again, “You can do anything that you set your mind to you.”

With all that said, I created Middleport Harbor, one of my fictional cities. Although, I’ve written lots of psychological horror, and a bit of classic horror, this story might be classified as dark fantasy. Because, fairies, banshees, undead, and an array of fantastical creatures reside in Middleport Harbor, and so do the Lupo Mannaro.

A wicked shadow queen, named Maraba, also lives there. She’s vicious, a ruthless killer and she is the evil that plagues my Italian werewolves.

I rewrote the novella several times over the years. And in 2016, with Barbara Custer’s, suggestions, I fleshed it out, finally satisfied that the work was complete.

I normally paint and draw images I see  in my mind when writing fiction, and this book contains several of them.  I want to thank Barbara for that opportunity.

I hope that my readers enjoy Lupo Mannaro. Thanks…as always.

Below are several illustrations that appear in black and white format within the book.





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