Art on Graffiti Paper

The following pieces were all created on Graffiti paper. They measure 11 x 14 inches. Click on image for a larger view.


Cover for Hunter's Moon

Cover for my short story collection, HUNTER’S MOON. Acrylic, pencil and ink.


Naughty Ladies blog

NAUGHTY LADIES was created as a possible cover piece for the book of the same name, which features the poetry of Marge Simon and my art. The publisher ultimately decided that another piece of my work would be the cover, and this one is part of the interior art. Acrylic, pencil and ink.

When she remembers--blog

WHEN SHE REMEMBERS was created in the summer of 2016. I’ve been working on an ongoing series of Childhood related paintings, and have released Volume I. As I write this, I continue to work on the series and will release Volume II in the future. Pencil and ink.

Lupo Mannaro Blog

LUPO MANNARO was created as the cover for my novella of the same name, released from NIGHT TO DAWN BOOKS in 2016. Acrylic and ink.

Ellery Blog

ELLERY is a character in my novella LUPO MANNARO. Acrylic.

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